Wednesday, September 19, 2012


    As you aware in the modern world the students, teachers and all the individuals are required not only education but also periodical training for Physical and Mental Fitness, and to improve their Flexibility, Self-confidence, Positive thinking, Concentration, Sharp Brain, Personality Development etc., to face the new challenges in front of them.    

     Is there is any way to achieve the above said points?

“Integral  Management Training -By Applying Yoga Techniques offers solutions to above said issues and ensures physical fitness, mental fitness, improve concentration,flexibility,self-confidence,positive thinking, increase in vital energy, over come health issues etc.,

Please find enclosed my profile and other details for your immediate reference.

Please visit our website www.sivanandasevas.orgs

                                       HEALTH IS WEALTH

                                         PEACE OF MIND IS HAPPINESS

                                         YOGA SHOWS THE WAY ……………..

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